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Collated feedback from consultations with partners and stakeholders on draft purpose, goals, and wider drivers for ILRI’s new strategy (September 2012) File:strategy external consultations_synthesis.pdf

First Phase (Feb-Mar)

Internal results from the staff surveys in March and April (including tagline ideas)

xls file with all surveymonkey responses, charts etc

Second Phase (May-Jun)

Internal feedback from storyline [http:ilristrategy.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/strategy-directions/| External feedback on the storyline] : [http:ilristrategy.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/solutions-for-a-transforming-livestock-sector-feedback-and-comments-on-the-ilri-strategy-storyline-of-may-2012/| Synthesis and summary]

External feedback on the 'tough issues' : Synthesis and summary

[http:ilriannouncements.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/ilri-strategy-health/| Internal questions on our animal and human health work] : [http:ilriannouncements.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/our-work-on-human-health-and-nutrition-feedback-received/| Summary] Internal questions on our work with livestock and the environment

Reports from internal discussion groups : Synthesis and summary

Third Phase (Jul-Aug)

Feedback on external factors and drivers from external experts

Briefs on external factors by external experts:

  • How much food will the World need? (Tara Garnett)
  • How will the World address scarce and competing uses of natural resources? (Peter Hazell)
  • How will the World perceive agriculture, particularly livestock in relation to global sustainable development challenges? (Chris Barrett)
  • What is the potential role of smallholder livestock agriculture in sustainable intensification? (Emmy Simmons)
  • How will the world perceive livestock agriculture in relation to the impacts on, and of, climate change? (Philip Thornton)

Report from partner consultations on the draft strategy drivers, goals, purpose, and ILRI roles - Accra (15 August), Addis Ababa (24 July), Delhi (6 August), Gaborone (30 July), Nairobi (21 August) and Pretoria (31 July).

Reports from internal consultations: